YES, Choose Music that reflects the life that you desire to live. Reflect your Father in Heaven's image. 


Woman by Blacstone

Celebrating women, the vital essence that adds richness to life.

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Here's The Scoop

If you have any questions about our company, who we are what we do - you have landed on the right page!

Well, we are BLACSTONE Entertainment, created from the brainchild of The Almond Brothers, Eric and Steven, who happen to have started a musical ensemble called BLACSTONE nearly two decades ago. 

BLACSTONE stands for the acronym Believing Life Allows Creative Souls To Overcome Negative Energy

So after two decades of being in the music industry, The Almond Bros vowed to remain independent and to be a guiding light for upcoming artists who have make music that inspire, uplift, and provokes the hearts as well as mind to do good works. Christian Music in other words. Though BLACSTONE originally started out as R&B/Soul their sound has always been influenced most by Gospel music. 

BLACSTONE Entertainment is here to establish themselves as a platform for conservative, wholesome, and traditional entertainment.

1. To make music to glorify the Kingdom of God.

        2. Only good language no cursing or profanity at all!

                       3. To make music that respects and directs their fellow man. 

         4. To make music for Marriage the way God intended.

        5. To make music for families that value clean tunes. 

 6. To make music for Businesses and Influencers. 

Meet The Team

Eric A., COO & General Partner

Eric is the smooth talker and fierce competitor of this tandem. Excellent writer, beat selector, and family man. 

SGA General Partner of Blacstone Ent

Steven A., General Partner & CEO.

Steven is the slightly younger brother but he is the stubborn one and so-so talented. Never mention Technology and Business, Nerd Alert!

Blacstone as The Almond Brothers


One of the best duos since Batman and Robin. Kareem and Magic, MJ and Scottie, Shaq and Kobe, JT and Duck (Five Heartbeats), Hall and Oats, and Apostles James and John. 

Why Work With Us

Award Winning

Well sort of. To be continued...

Quality Assured

Cheddar makes it more better and these fellas aim for the stars to fulfill their engagements. 

Highly Rated

Ask your Mama and dem and you will see that BLACSTONE Entertainment is alright. 


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